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Century Families

The North Forty News is celebrating the end of the century by featuring families who have lived in northern Larimer County since the early 1900s. One family history will be featured each month through December. Families included as part of this series were in northern Larimer County by 1905. Each family has continued to live in the north part of the county since that time, though not necessarily on the same property. To learn more about a Century Family, select one from the list below:


October 1999
Ahlbrandts among Germans from Russia
If the United States is a melting pot of different cultures, one of the most fascinating ingredients is a group that emigrated to northern Colorado in the early part of this century: the Germans from Russia.
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September 1999
Stove Prairie School stands as legacy
To learn about the Vannorsdel family, it would be a good idea to attend school -:- not just any place of learning, but the little country school in Stove Prairie.
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August 1999
Michaud relatives abound
If any family in the North Forty readership area can boast a lot of kissing cousins, it's the Michaud clan.
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June 1999
Ramsey, Koenig roots run deep at Pingree
As the crow flies, Bonnie Hebbert of Rist Canyon is not far from her family's roots in Pingree Park. Her great-grandfather, Hugh B. Ramsey, homesteaded there about 1890.
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May 1999
Aragons show their mettle in agriculture and business
Martin and Louise Aragon have seen their share of changes in Larimer County. Now in their 80s, both are second-generation descendants of families who moved here from southern Colorado early in this century, seeking their fortunes in farming and business.
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April 1999
Bees make name in farming
Five generations of the Bee family have lived in the Wellington and Fort Collins area, with the fourth generation continuing to farm land that has been in the family since the late 1800s.
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March 1999
Akin family influence continues
East of Interstate 25 in the Boxelder Valley, the Akin family has been a presence since 1897, when Harris Akin bought a farm there. Harris was a second-generation Akin in Larimer County, one of six sons of Henry and Eunice Akin who came west in 1879 and established a farm southwest of Fort Collins.
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February 1999
A love story, a feud and ties to 100 years of Livermore history
When Lafi Miller decided he wanted Juliana "Jo" Sloan to be his bride, he didn"t consider the obstacles for one moment. Her family, an intertwining network of old ranch families -- Sloans, Swans and Robertses -- had already threatened to do something drastic if he ever came around courting Jo again.
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