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Readers select Community Cornerstone

January 2007 marked the first in a series of "Community Cornerstone" features published in the Fossil Creek Current. Each month, the newspaper featured a person who has made significant, selfless contributions to the community.

The Fossil Creek Current staff invited readers to suggest people who should be recognized for improving the well-being of others in their sphere of influence.

Linda Maher received the most reader votes at the conclusion of this year-long project. The Fossil Creek will give a donation to a charity of her choosing.

2007 Articles

November 2007
Being mom and volunteer are full-time occupation
Ten o'clock on a rare Monday morning--Linda Maher was at home, relaxing on the big comfortable couch in her favorite room with a spectacular fireplace and view of the mountains.
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November 2007
Couple continue to nourish OpenStage Theatre Co.
Since 1973 when they established OpenStage Theatre Co., Denise and Bruce Freestone have been creating, directing, acting, promoting, building sets, soliciting funds and seeking venues all over town for their baby.
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October 2007
Hope Lives! director finds her work exhilarating
Mary Hallauer has found her niche.
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September 2007
Tennis means competition and community to Messick
Jon Messick has been living and breathing tennis since he was a 10-year-old growing up in Salisbury, Md. Now the father of a married daughter and coach of Colorado State University tennis teams for more than two decades, his passion for the game is as strong as ever.
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August 2007
Volunteer never lacks for community causes
The people she's met over the years have made every volunteer project worthwhile for Donna Beard.
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July 2007
Full-time volunteer makes character qualities count
Bob Powell has always given back to his community.
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June 2007
Working for youth keeps McGraw young at heart
Brownie McGraw missed an important meeting--the first for a blue-ribbon committee. In her absence, the small group of influential men--among them a former mayor, a football coach, a bank president--elected her chair of a committee that would bring Inspiration Playground to life.
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May 2007
T.S. Berger: Empty Bowls potter lives with full heart
T.S. Berger's hands are happiest in a mess of wet clay. His feet are most at home in an old pair of running shoes, on the road, sharing what he knows about his favorite sport with the Poudre High School cross-country team. And his heart goes out to every child in Larimer County who goes to school hungry.
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April 2007
Mims Harris: Diversity makes music for life
"I grew up privileged," said Mims (Miriam) Harris, the oldest of four girls raised on a sheep ranch near Twin Falls, Idaho. "But for a long time I didn't realize how privileged."
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March 2007
Many ministries mark Geller's service to city
The Rev. Bob Geller excused himself before having his picture taken, then returned to his favorite rocking chair with a colorful, beaded bolo tie around his neck.
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February 2007
Cathy Morgan: 'Help out' is her middle namen
The guys on the Roosevelt National Forest trail crew call her the cookie lady. Jane Clark at the Legacy Land Trust counts on her to "lick and stick" whenever there's a mailing to get out. The finances of the Fort Collins Running Club would be in a shambles, and the dogs and cats at Larimer County Humane Society would be drinking their water and eating their food out of dirty bowls, if it weren't for Cathy Morgan.
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January 2007
Parker and Mabel Preble: decades of dedication
Parker and Mabel Preble have no regrets. At ages 82 and 83, they look back with pleasure at the richness of lives spent dedicated to challenging careers, raising four children and serving their community.
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