Towns covered by the North Forty News

Founded in 1993, the North Forty News is a monthly newspaper and daily hyperlocal website (at NorthFortyNews.com) that covers interesting people, events and historical topics in Wellington, Fort Collins, Timnath and northern Larimer County, Colorado.

The Wellington Weekly edition is published weekly and serves Wellington ZIP code 80549 and rural areas of Fort Collins ZIP code 80524.

Founded in 2014, the Timnath News is a monthly newspaper that covers our friends and neighbors in Timnath, which is Colorado’s fastest-growing community.

The December, 2014 print edition of the North Forty News was mailed to 14,900 households and businesses via saturation coverage of ZIP codes 80549, 80612, 80535, 80512, 80536 and 80545.

An additional 5,000 copies were distributed to over 50 newsstands throughout northern Colorado.

The Wellington Weekly is direct mailed to 5,000 homes every week with 700 placed at local newsstands.

In addition to reaching every household from Country Club Road in Fort Collins north to the Wyoming border at about half the cost that the post office charges for direct mail, print and insert advertisers are welcomed into higher-income households with an high frequency of home ownership. In fact, 82 percent of our readers own their own home.

The North Forty News, Wellington Weekly and Timnath News are published by

6000 Bees LLC
P.O. Box 250
Wellington, CO 80549

Phone: 970-221-0213
Fax: 970-221-4884
Email: info@northfortynews.com
Office address: 3745 Cleveland Ave., Wellington
Office hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. M-F

If you are interested in receiving the North Forty News monthly but are outside our direct-mail area, you can subscribe here.

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• Adriel Hills • Bellvue • Bonner Peak • Buckeye • Carr • Dean Acres • Douglas Road • Eagle Lake • Fort Collins • Highland Acres • Horestooth • LaPorte • Linden Lake • Livermore • Poudre Canyon • Red Feather Lakes • Rist Canyon • Stove Prairie • Terry Lake • Timnath • Virginia Dale • Waverly • Wellington

“Striving to be a small, credible voice in a big, complicated world.” – North Forty News, March, 1995


The term “north forty” from which this paper takes its name, has agricultural roots tied to the Homestead Act of 1862. The Homestead Act allowed for the transfer of 160 acres (a quarter section) of unoccupied public land to each homesteader on payment of a nominal fee after five years of residence or a fee of $1.25 an acre after six months of residence.

Homesteads were generally laid out in four quarters on a north, south, east and west square of 40 acres each. “North forty” was a reference to the northern most block of the homesteader’s property. Subsequently, rural people referred to property as the “north forty,” the “south forty” or even the “back forty.” It does not always mean an actual 40 acres — it could be more, or it could be less. Hence, the North Forty News — reaching the northernmost part of Larimer County and covering acres and acres of people and places!

— Provided by David M. Knotts